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      Dgen Academy is a specialised Australian Franchise-based e-learning Platform.

      Through some skilled based training programs, we are currently focusing on training people and turning them into a global resource. We are thriving  in several countries including Bangladesh through some skilled based training programs. In Bangladesh we have 6 franchises.

      All our programs are internationally renowned. We have designed our programs in such a manner that it would prepare a potential entrepreneur for the global market.

      We are creating a creative connection between Digital World & Digital Transformation. We empower, inspire, and lead entrepreneurs to strive for excellence.

      At DGEN ACADEMY we make it our aim to Develop the best E-Learning Platform and help people learn specific and in demand skills to introduce their potentiality to the global platform. Our mission is to create a vast digital revolution and expand the minds of leaders & entrepreneurs for the opportunities ahead.

      Our vision is to expand to 100 countries worldwide including Bangladesh and create one million digital entrepreneurs & Scaling an enterprise with entrepreneurs at every level of the organisation: Our Strategic Partners, our Country Master Franchisors, our Local Academy Hosts, our Digital Entrepreneurs, and our Marketplace Clients.

      Dgen Academy provides niche based digital skill development programs to anyone who wants to be an intrinsic part of the digital ecosystem. We give digital, one-of-a-kind entrepreneurship guidelines that enable you to excel in your journey.

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      Digital Entrepreneurs Hub is a global franchise platform that provides digital skill development programs to anyone who wants to be an intrinsic part of the digital ecosystem. 

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      In current times, LinkedIn has become a very popular lead generation platform for businesses. In the process it is done, known as LinkedIn outreach where the process includes reaching out to potential leads on LinkedIn.

      This program will help you to become a LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert. Also it will enhance your personal branding alongside working for the world class Business Coaches with Guaranteed opportunities.

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      Hemi Hossain is known as an Author, Digital Entrepreneur, Patron, Investor, Business Coach and Strategist. His story is considered in resilience, persistence and self-possession that there was more out there to be discovered. Hemi has devoted his life to training others in order to bring out their true potential and make a confident, World-Class impact. Turning pain into leverage has become Hemi’s superpower, and has been the catalyst to his accomplishment.


      As a global best-selling author and seminar presenter, Tom Matzen has shared his story of business achievement & disappointment to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents. He has featured in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100’s of radio & TV Stations across North America, sharing the secrets of business success, learned from his business ventures and from his personal interviews with some 124 

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      Shah Paran Saadhin

      From my childhood I had a huge interest in Digitalization….

      Risat Bin Rashid

      For a long time, I struggled to figure out what I wanted to be,…

      S. M. Ayas

      We know very well that, the world is passing through the….

      Jasmine Pedraza


      Jasmine Pedraza


      Jasmine Pedraza


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      Global Headquarter,
      Digital Entrepreneurs Hub Australia PTY Ltd. Level 14, 190 Queens St, Melbourne

      Regional Head Office,
      Bangladesh Flat: B2, House No: 85 (Casa Carnival), Road No: 04, Block: B, Banani, Dhaka

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      Global Marketplace (ASHANA)

      “Ashana”, the Name, comes from a Bengali word for “hopes” and “dreams”. It’s a unique global marketplace where entrepreneurs from developing countries will work with entrepreneurs from developed countries providing guaranteed results.
      As a rising entrepreneur, this Global Marketplace will allow you to monetize new skills while building a sustainable enterprise. Through this marketplace, we are helping our students to meet potential clients. In-short, this is a triple-win platform created for you to utilise your skills and generate the best potential income source.
      Ashana’s goal is to generate one million leads each month for entrepreneurs and business owners while helping digital entrepreneurs from developing countries build the lifestyle of their dreams, with guaranteed results for all.