Global Marketplace (ASHANA)

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Globalization & Digitalization Is The New Trend Of
Digital Transformation

A new Edtech Enterprise that takes developing world entrepreneurs-to-be and turns them into Digital Entrepreneurs. Our platform trains them on how to deliver exceptional results, guaranteed for their clients.

ASHANA Corp. is a start-up partnered with Grant Cardone & collaboration with a 10X incubator. It’s a unique premium marketplace where developing countries entrepreneurs will work with developing countries entrepreneurs providing guaranteed results. 

This Global Marketplace will allow the rising entrepreneurs to monetize their new skills while building a sustainable enterprise. Through this marketplace, we are helping our students to meet potential clients. We are creating a triple-win platform.


We’re the world’s top marketplace for small businesses to find high-quality leads that will help them increase their influence, impact, and money.

Our Goal

Generate one million leads each month for entrepreneurs and small business owners while helping developing country digital entrepreneurs build the lifestyle of their dreams, guaranteeing results for all.